mercoledì 23 gennaio 2019

fantasy paper miniatures dwarves wip 01

very soon on kickstarter the fantasy wargame with paper miniatures :D it s going to be full of miniatures of every kind!!! from the common humans to goatman to giants to a lot more !!!!!
stay tuned guys here on my patreon page :D the besto way to see what it s coming and to recive some paper miniatures for free!!!! :D

lunedì 21 gennaio 2019

fish folks join the ks :D

hi guys :D if you join the ks you will be able to donwload this new nice paper minia:

this s going to be a very basic unit for a fishman folk army.... pledge to make his army bigger and bigger!!! :D ;)

i accept commissions

hope you like him :D

domenica 13 gennaio 2019

someone sayd barracuda??? o.o

someone in the ks requested a swarm of barracuda.... here they are :D
take a look :D
they are the first part of a big swarm.... i hope to unlock them all :D
come to see the ks here :

giovedì 10 gennaio 2019

my first kickstarter!!!! ....i m still alive ;)

hi guys i m back (again you will think) to show you my last project: a kickstarter for a fantasy underwater paper miniatures wargame :D
here s the link

and some photoes :D

every suggestion is wellcome :D
requests too ... this weekend i m going to complete the concepts for the other races!!!! :D i want to show you the new crabby-man!!!! :D