martedì 8 dicembre 2020

 hi guys :D take a look to my last work in progress for paper miniatures :D

they are 1/32 paper miniatures of wester characters :D all of them are front and rear :D

here is geronimo mounted on horse!!!

this one instead is custer on foot for the battle of little big horne! iwant to make an entire set for this battle :D but it will take me a very long time i suppose....

if you want to have them when this western set will be completed join my patreon page here:

bye guys :D

venerdì 11 settembre 2020


here is the link to the quickstarter set for the high elves faction :D 

in this small free set you will find all the miniatures you need as a bulk of your high elves faction. I will make more paper miniatures for the elves in the future, but here you hav all you need to start playing a battle :D Cavallry was made in the front looking version.... but dont worry i ll make a side looking version later when i ll focus on the cavalry.

In future relase you will find other poses, characters, heroes and npc char for ttrpgs :D

i hope you like the idea becouse i plan to make quickstarter sets for every faction in the phantasyan world.

sorry for this messy post :D let me know what else you want/need as a quickstarter faction :D

bye guys :D

venerdì 8 maggio 2020

imperial dragon

i completed my latest paper miniature!!! an imperial dragon!!! :D
he is a forest version of the imperial dragon. :D you can have it joining my patreon :D
this is the not printed version :D in the set there are two different riders for the dragon, one is tomoegozen a famous onnabugheisha from japanese medieval period and the second one is a generic samurai from sengoku jidai period :D follow along guys for more stuff :D

mercoledì 14 agosto 2019

frostland frost elf work in progress

hi guys :D i wanted to show you the wip of the frost elf for the PHANTASYA frosltand !!!!
They are white skinn with a wrinkled surface and little horns on the head. some of them have white hair or bears.... they dont feel the frost and their infantry usually fight halfnaked with big swords and shields of wood. they are quite strong, more than an average man so they are dangerous.

they predilige elemental frost magic, necromancy and demonlogy, they usually rise army of undeads to fight alongside them. They usually use undead animals as mounts and summond frost demons as soldiers or special units.

here s a work in progress of them.

i plan to add a set of archers next and a set of spearmen soldiers in the future.

If you have suggestions and ideas feel free to write them here :D i will gladly transform them in new paper miniatures :D

bye guys


hi guys i m back!!!

i wanted to show you that i completed the portoguese conquistadores!!! here s an image and the link to buy them on drivethrurpg :D

here insteda there are the witch hunters !!!

i m even working on a lot of new stuff. here are some =D

theese are the new concept for a new army in the fantasy desert!!! they are based on antelopes =D i m thinking to make difference from

male and female more visible.... what do you think if i cut the horns on the female???

this instead is the first drawings for sardinian kingdom line infantry for the first war of italian unification. I m thinking to make a ks for this war... but

it will be probably next year :D this september i m going to make a ks for ww2... so they will not join soon :D

here ...... i watched with my father Indiana jones the last crusade, two days agoo, so i cannot avoid to make some schetces for pulp adventurers!!!! :D

i accept suggestions for this :D i was thinking to make a ks for theese too!!! maybe a version in egypt with mummyes and undeads.... this way i can

take back the fantasy egypt!!! :D

this one instead is old stuff already showed on the ks page... they are the first inks for a second set of scottish kerns :D

now i am making the last units for the frostland barbarians... here are the zombies!!!! soon i will upload the necromancer on elk!!! and the undead giant!!!

venerdì 19 luglio 2019

mig 15 paper minitures work in progress...

hy guys :D i was working on a 1/100 paper miniature for the mig 15.
This is going to be part of my 2.5 d easy to assemble paper aircrafts!!! i hope you like it :D

i m working on other aircrafts and helicopters for cold war... so stay tuned if you are a fan of the cold war.... i m even making a set of paper miniatures for the vietnam war.... i dont know when will be ready ... but i hope soon!!!! :D

lunedì 15 luglio 2019

the barbarians characters

hi guys :D when i play rpg i hate that my miniature dont change equipment ... but you know? i m trying to fix this :D I m starting a serie of characers with different weapons and equipments!! this way you can change miniature when your character change equip!!! :D so get ready!!! this is the cover of the new file!!! :D
they are a set of 3 male human barbarian with sword and shield, axe and shield, greataxe ... then we have a dwarf with two axe, axe and shield, big axe, a female human with spear and knife, a male orc with greataxe and a female orc in tre variants :D i hope you will like them as much as i do!!!

this is the link to drivethruprg :

but remember if you join my patreon you can have it with a 2$+ pledge!!! :D

choice wisely ;)

Here is a photo of them: