domenica 4 novembre 2018

Paper miniature undead dragon

Hi guys it s almost ready to go online the new fantasy undead dragon wyvern paper miniature :) i have to clean some mistakes and make a grassland base .... then the dragon s conplete... take a look :)

mercoledì 31 ottobre 2018

mantic demons

recently arrive to me the ks of mantic kings of war varanguard... i ordered the demons set and the 40 demons.... i m now assembling the abyssal ks units and colored the first lower abyssal
they are not bad... but mantic should have added more one hand weapons and two hand weapons in my opinion... i think i will do a bit of conversions eh eh eh :3

the khorne blood warriors unit

as you know guys i use a my own game system... and here s the new completed unit of khorne blood warriors, u used the commander from the old starter set and removed the khorne hound. then i based them toghether in a 9 man unit :D
i love the result ... i hope gw announces new khorne unit soon.... ahahahah ... at the beginning i was one of those that was bored of chaos... look me now..... ahahahahaha :D :D

lunedì 29 ottobre 2018

khorne hound

hi guys i hope the gw make a new plastic set for the khorne hound ... those on the onlineshop costs too much and dont look nice compared to this one....

the nurgle unit is completed

finally i completed them... ithey were so much a pain on the neck... but now they are completed :D buahahahahahahahahahah :D
 i must admit they are very nice... but i think they lack mass... they should have been a bit fattier :D

domenica 28 ottobre 2018